Friday, December 18, 2009

Well it started as a sort-of normal-ish day,..

....and I am a member on youtube. (I am chrazycat on youtube. That will come in handy later...) So I was going through my subscription box, and came across a pinkiecharm revew video (I LOVE HER VIDS!) so i just casually clicked on it and it was a review on the LUSH cinders bath bomb, and so I thought 'Cinders? that shouds familliar' so the video started and all of a sudden 'This review was requested by Chrazycat' came through the speakers. Next thing I thouht was 'WTF! I'M LIKE FAMOUS!' SO THANK YOU TO PINKIECHARM, YOU ARE THE BEST, GO SUB HER!!!!!!!!!!! ITS FREE!

The video :


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