Friday, December 11, 2009

My letter to

I didn't send this letter on my normal account, because i think i'd get banned for this letter, but if and when I can send it to them, oh boy I will....
Believe me, I literally poured my heart out in this letter, it's like a page long. Sorry if this offends anyone, BLAME STARDOLL, THEY MADE ME WRITE IT. I've actually blamed them for a least 10 faults in our sosciety. Seriously, if they were in court, they'd have at least a 20 year sentence by now...

Dear Sir/Madam at
I am writing to tell you about the disapointment I have had with your website. I don't think it's fair, that EVRYTHING is superstar, Which means you have to pay. Let me ae you back to the beginning, not the beginning of this world, but the beginning of the website I am sure that this website was set up for the fun and benefit of it's members, bearing in mind most of them are aged from 5 years and up. It was supposed to be fun fashion website, Fame, fashion and friends. Since around summer last year, fame has taken over stardoll, with more members than ever, you decided to take advantage of that. Not by simply advertising the superstar choice of membership, but making it take over stardoll. Let me take you back to the start of 2008. The credit crunch, the bad economy, whatever you call it, money was tight, people were and are still struggling. As more people get internet access, more people come on stardoll, and more little girls ask their parents for superstar membership, and are either delighted and taken into the 'SUPERwrath' or disapointed by hearing 'We haven't got any money' or 'Stardoll is a load of B***S**t', Which by now i'm starting to think it is. Then stardoll royalty came along. Not only is this club mean, it's making one group of people stand out from the rest, making them think they're the best. Only 3 weeks ago, were you setting up a campaign against cyber-bullying. Then you took away our stardollar a day. As prices continue to rise, superstar membership and starplaza stardollars, and no savings, no stardollars and nothing to do. That was the last straw. (In the 'Golden' haystack, since it's all superstar and 'Shiny' and mean now)
Now i'll tell you my story.
I was 11 years old, and adored stardoll. I thought it was the best website in the world. When I had basketball practise in the mornings, we used to come inside and play on the computers, I always went on stardoll. Now I wish I hadn't. Only 2 days ago, I realised 'What am I doing on a S****y site like this? I should be DOING something GOOD in my life. Not wasting my time on a brain washing, mean, almost racist and financially racist website. Your just as cold-hearted and idiotic as the politicians and people of my country. Yeah, I'm blaming you for the crimes on the streets and brainless people riding around on mini motor bikes with no brakes and no helmets and the people who kill others and helpless animals and bullying, physical bullying, verbal bulying, cyber-bullying and racism. You've got a lot to answer for.

I hate you stardoll.

From A Disapointed 13 Year Old Girl

P.S Have a heart. It's christmas. X[

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