Friday, July 9, 2010


Is amazing but totally weird and strange!

Already stardoll! That was quick!

Stardoll you've surpassed my expectations, unusually!

Friday, June 11, 2010

New template design...

Ooohhh... Snazzy :) =]

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alright stardoll you wanna play it like that?

Right stardoll, cut the shiz, you have just completely copied 'Gok's fashion fix' (Brittish television show at 8PM Tuesday nights on channel 4... not that I watch it that regularly... :)) With your dumb stardoll TV theme... You know when on stardoll TV it goes 'Fashionn' in a really girly singy type voice?... well on Goks fashion fix it does exactly the same thing before the show breaks for adverts

No offence if you actually like SDTV, I am quite a fan myself, but you know... I have to document these things :) =]

Gok's fashion fix :

Gok wan - The not-so-legend himself...

Anyone watch Friday night cranks on youtube...?

If yes, check out my new blog about trying to find out what 12-6 cloud really means...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flooding comments

A few people have been flooding comments on a few blog posts, leaving comments in different languages, I only understand english : I WILL NOT READ YOUR COMMENT IF IT IS IN ANY OTHER LANGUAGE THAN ENGLISH!!!

Any more comment box flooding and comments will be on approve only

Stardolls lastest money making scheme

No wonder it's superstar!
Yet another EPIC fail Tardoll...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

For Shiz sake Stardoll!

We know you want to advertise you new SDTV stardoll... But putting it on the front page and making it go 'Welcome to SDTV' every 5 seconds isn't cool...

In fact I have a new slogan for you:
'Stardoll : Annoying, Abnoxious, and a Freaking disaster
(I know it's spelt obnoxious, but you know I had to create alliteration there :) =])

Sunday, May 9, 2010

2 things SD...

1. It's not mothers day in the UK... It was actually about 2 months ago...
2. Urm... Stardoll when it says -Insert country here> that is kind of what you have to do...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bludy hell stardoll...

...Body chains, Really Tardoll? What is this? S**gdoll? What the heck... this is asking for trouble...


Okay, Making a mini blogspot on your website is one thing, but actually copying a well-known, great blog is another thing. SDTV IS COPYING, IT IS ALREADY A REAL THING, THOUGHT UP BY REAL PEOPLE SO DON’T STEAL THEIR IDEAS BECAUSE THEY COULD SUE YOU, YOUR WEBSITE WILL CLOSE, AND I WON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYMORE… Plus they made the show all crappy and everything...yes you know who you are MRS...

(If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about go to I think, I also think that they don’t so videos anymore, but they were a great idea :) =])

And I quote… “You can makeover anyone from your mum to your dad, your friend or your teacher” err… yeah I’ll just go and get my English teacher. . 1 second

Monday, May 3, 2010


If you want to hear more news, I have my personal blog
for my bloggie posts about me :) =]

Please follow, I only have 2 followers on that blog!


DKNY had officially left Tardoll (As most of you know my nickname for S'tardoll' =])
I am acually kind of pleased about this because the last collection wasn't very good, there were only a few pieces I liked, and it was incredibly overpriced and for Superstars only... Kohls is a better choice for a Tardoll store :) =]

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hey peoples!

Just to let you know I'm back and I'll try and post stuff more often! It turns out people actually like me ranting and complaining about Stardolls failures :)
So to start I changed the Music player up a bit :)