Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kat Von D.... Kat Von Dumb?

Kat theres 6?

I know it's probably not her fault, but still...

New suiteshop

New suiteshop feature check it out it's in your suite!

When was this realeased?

Does anyone know if or when this was realeased? It was in the 'Fashion' section

Monday, May 25, 2009


Since I'm really bored I'll tell you what happened today...

Okay, I went to Lytham, St. Anne's... Or St. Anne's Lytham.

I bought a plastic Hannah Montana bin from B&M...

Then I burnt the three middle fingers on my left hand on a disposable barbeque...
I'm right handed though :)

Now we know where the necklace is from...

Which club got a free necklace last week? (LAST WEEK!?)

It's definately Moeller Madness :)

So now we know where the mysterious necklace came from...
I thought the gift would be a bit...Better... and she would have told us about it...

Stardoll? NOOOO!

When I tried to get on to stardoll a few minutes ago this happened...


UPDATE :- Two minutes later I got on :)
:- This looks really weird doesn't it....
^^^ I better stop using that sign...

Yin and Yang perfume!

Me, Extrawicked and Cheeky-Chipmunk,(Who I am friends with in real life) were in Music class on day, trying to think of an idea for a product for our project. Then we thought of the one, the only, YIN AND YANG PERFUME! (Which we kind of copied off our English teacher)
Then stardoll got the idea too. Yeah, well stardoll, NEWS TO YOU, WE GOT THERE FIRST. Mleh! (Mleh - In your face kind of sound)

The advert that our group made is going to be posted on youtube soon. I'll give you the link when it's up there.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New game...

Finally, AT LAST! A NEW GAME! I wonder what the next one will be...


WOW! Get it while you can! I certinaly have!


Check out her suite...

Then check out her hair...


Stardoll archives....

I knew this would be coming, I just didn't know what shape or form, if you get what I mean. I found it on the chinese stardoll, but on a much bigger scale. This is a start though...

June hotbuys!

THE JUNE HOTBUYS ARE OUT! And I'm overall loving them!

Pink crop jacket : 7/10
Purple skirt : 5/10
Pink sandals : 6/10
Pink bag : 5/10
Tube dress : 9/10
Bikini necklace : 6/10 (I like it, its a bit pervy though)
Watch : 8/10 (Wow! You don't get any of those any more!)
Flower dress : 8/10
Flower skirt : 3/10

HOT HOTBUY : Darling dress : 10/10!

I'm not that stupid stardoll...

Okay, I logged on to stardoll, and I saw this gorgeous bag! So I clicked on it, it led me to starplaza, but no bag...

I think stardoll have gone a bit doolally again,....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Friday, May 15, 2009

Get your free fabulous dress now!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Callie.stardoll - Not Jim Gordon

We all know the drill - Callie is officially not a dude. So...?
This photo was taken months ago and the Dolly Parton doll, that has only just come out, is on the carboard board infront of Callie. Suspicious much?

I know it's not really anything, I just spotted it while I was surfing around LOL!

Euro-Vison song contest dresses....

...Which are abosolute crap! Even the UK's entry is crap! I mean the girl is a great singer but the song is just poop! No-one is guna vote for us! I don't even know why we bother any more... Plus the guy who usually does the voiceover is quitting! *Blows raspberry* Stupid Euro-vision!

Callie Covergirl?

Okay, Callie.stardoll is covergirl, and loadsa people are getting really pissed off, then I clicked on the magazine cover and it came up Wednesday 13th May. I bet the real covergirl is still pissed though! Stardolls getting... muddled?!

My creations and Re-style!

New restyle style! Like modelling off the D.I.Y style but still it's cool!

Here are some outfits I created! Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lazylyns fantastic room!

Check out the room! Lynda has actually made those bubble squares look cool! The actual room may not be as simple and complicated than other brilliant rooms, but it sure is good enough for 'THEDAILYSD' mentioning!

D.I.Y Boutique!

Due to the designing habits of all you great stardolls out there, Stardoll have realeased a new shop! D.I.Y Boutique! NOT TO BE MISSED! It's only for superstars though :'( Sob

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tribute to...

The one, the only, Yasas10!

The legend, known as yasas10, is leaving stardoll, and all the blogs that she manages and writes for. :'(

Small biography :
Yasmine joined stardoll on 20th July 2007. She has made a big impact on stardoll, fashion-wise and blog-wise. Her style is a big aspect of the fashion world. She will be greatly missed, by me and most of the stardoll members, Apart from that DAMN ANONYMOUS! (I know this is kinda slushy but y'know)

Also lettie97 is reported to might be leaving stardoll. :(

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello!? It's 2009 stardoll...

No stardoll....

No really don't.... Okay, you've made me do this.

WOW! I'm such a rebel dolly.

Stardoll, I have renaed you stardikk. I always accidentaly type that in when I search for stardoll. God... LOL

Milly and Becky style dresses!

Wow! Stardoll has actually found style and 'invested' in nice twin dresses.

Wow stardoll, you are finally back in my good books!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

30.000.000 members!

Well done stardoll! I can't believe you've been ripping people off and still have loyal faithful members like me!

I think stardoll have had 10.000.000 members every year, because it was just their 30rd birthday, and now 30.000.000 members!

Also my club just got 300 members around about the day stardoll got 30.000.000, in your face stardoll :)

Wow, I'm such a rebel?!

Rebel prom ; The outfits are actually quite nice, like the blue dress for 9 stardollars and the red checked dress for 9 as well.

My verdict :
Rebel prom, Wow, I just bought a million dollar outfit, I'm such a rebel?!