Monday, February 23, 2009

UK price changes

Up my bludy arse fucking stardoll. Fucking idiots. Sorry for the bad language, but when I feel something, I feel very strongly indeedy. I wrote this letter, which I do not want to send off, as Callie may terminate my account. :| Not surprising.

Anyway here it is:
No offence, but stardoll, what is the point. Because Your saying '17 fewer stardollars, for the same low price!' like it's a good thing. When it's not. It's not a low price, and stardollars are just pixelated items, they aren't real. So I really don't know why this is happening, because stardollars don't cost anything for you, it's us that has to pay for whatever they are and whenever they come from! Pixels are free, unless you pay for the internet surever, and it's my time to stand out and say something. I AM COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS UNSAFE, POINTLESS-MONEY-WASTING (Although fun, entertaining and time consuming, in a good way!) SITE.

There I've had my say.
Goodday my friend, stardoll.
It's been nice knowing you.

Anyone feel strongly about it too?

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