Sunday, February 1, 2009


DKNY Spring '09 fact file:
Style : Summery
Type of colours: Yellows blues and whites, with a bit a red inbetween!
Types of clothes: Swimsuits, shorts, the basic summer look, but believe me, if you wore that in england right now, you wouldn't survive a minute!

My opinion:
DKNY, you've done better. A LOT better. Overall , the collection is very cute, especially the shoes/pumps which I will definately be buying!, but some of it is tacky, like the DKNY SUMMER '09 logo top. I mean stardoll, you've given the same top with a million different logos on like a million times, with like the stardoll cinema stuff.
Overall opinion: Tacky yet cute. DKNY/STARDOLL you've done a lot better!

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