Friday, October 2, 2009


YES, on this blog there are some new writing positions opening, because i've realised I can't keep this blog running on my own.

JUST EMAIL,, say your stardoll username, boy or girl, and send a banner (A picture with your stardoll username and medoll on) or I can make you one and send it you if you can't make one yourself. AND also, the vital part (=]) send me a short blog article on the new Kimora Lee Simmons Real Celeb and a V. short review (like, I think this store is well good!), BUT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, SEND IT IN THE EMAIL, INSTEAD OF DOING SOMETHING WRONG, BUT ILL TELL YOU ANYWAYS :) lol

I'll chose some people when I get some replys =]

I have a trapped nerve/ crick neck, so i might not be on as often for a few days/ week, because it really hurts :( (how do you cure it? comments please! lol)

Good luck everyone!

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